Services to women veterans in Northeast Ohio

Women veterans have greater homelessness risks than male veterans, and their homeless numbers are rising. PTSD, hypertension and depression are the top three reported health issues among women veterans. (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs)

Services to formerly incarcerated women in Northeast Ohio

The major issues that women face after release from prison are: Re-establishing a home and family life, including regaining legal and physical custody of children; finding affordable housing and meeting other basic needs; securing employment that pays a sufficient income; creating a new social network that may or may not include intimate relationships; fulfilling the multiple conditions of a parole plan, including continued sobriety, if not recovery, from alcohol or drug addiction; and negotiating the stigmatized perception of women ex-prisoners by the general public-potential employers, landlords, and community members. (quote)

Ariya's House

A safe supportive transitional house for homeless women.

The Shady Oak House for Veteran Families

An affordable, single family, 3 bedroom house for a veteran family. This house is located in a quiet neighborhood near shopping, school and bus stops and a metro park. This family will be a part of Women of Hope’s Supportive Services program.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Service to participants through counseling and support groups.

Wellness Programs

Strengthening the Inner Me (STIM) Program 

Empower, inform and equip women in transition through educating and providing tools that will assist in building self-sufficiency and healthy life styles.

Access to Community Resources

Assistance from social workers and volunteers to navigate community resources that meet your needs. Develop your plan to transition back into the community


A myriad of workshops specific to women in transition are offered such as parenting, financial stability, job readiness, etc.

You Can Make A Difference

Women of Hope continues to expand relationships with community providers and supporters as we equip those in transition.

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