Our Founder

Sheila Locatelli is a native Clevelander and began her journey approximately 17 years ago. She has mentored women, coached and facilitated self-development classes for dozens of women with a diversity of age and background. Many of the women often had challenges transitioning themselves into society after “life situations” left them feeling hopeless.

Sheila’s sincerity, dedication, time, and efforts are works proven daily. “I will continue to work diligently towards our mission to “mentor women in transition, offer encouragement, and provide support services and development programs”.   She is also certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant, which will assist in better understanding many of the women who will be served by Women of Hope.

As a member of New Community Bible Fellowship in Cleveland Heights, Sheila came into contact with women of diverse backgrounds and economic status.   As a member, she found confirmation about her passion in assisting women who have a need to be empowered to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Sheila knows that hope is a “commodity” in many lives of the homeless, but believes that having “Hope” that change can and will happen in their lives is absolutely necessary and possible.

Our Mission

To provide safe housing and supportive services to women veterans in order to equip and empower them towards a healthy life style and self sufficiency.

Statistics tell us that female veterans are three to four times more likely to become homeless than female non-veterans. In many cases with homeless veterans, there is a history of:

  • Unemployment which results in poverty
  • Low self-esteem which can lead to instability
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual trauma

We are committed to help stop this reoccurring cycle.
Women of Hope invites women veterans to partner with us in supporting the women veterans in our communities.

You Can Make A Difference

Women of Hope continues to expand relationships with community providers and supporters as we equip those in transition.

But we can’t keep moving forward without your help. Visit us often to see how your support keeps us moving forward.